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Divya Thakur
2 min readOct 30, 2019
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Yes…you read it right. I’m a just a Struggling Millennial.

Ideally speaking Millennials are *supposed* to be the top earners compared to other generation. I belong to the working Millennials: Born 1981-1996 (22-37 years)

Today I’ll be talking about the financial situation of Youth adults across globe.


Moving out from Parents home

Earning in 6D,

Jumping Jobs,

Owning the best Brands,

Getting Hitched!

Retiring by 40!

Getting settled in Iceland, Denmark probably to escape the crowd.


Earning in 4–5 D ( that too only if you are good with networking, vocal, extrovert and can influence people)

Finding a Job in the first place…. Coz need I explain how the world economy is crumbling these days

Repaying Student Debt

Repaying Student Debt

Repaying Student Debt

Alone soul washed by the sea shore

Repaying House Debt

Repaying House Debt

Death by 80. ( You have still not repayed your Home Loans)

(Notice how I never included anything to do with Getting Married, Finally settling down…..*yea that’s mythical* and I’m just being Practical.)

Sounds brutal and scary? Well I’m just getting started.

Above Image explains how in this fast pace VUCA World…we are aging sadly
Image Source: Above image was taken from GW College Republicans article

My heart bleeds to see young naive students in their early twenties taking humongous Loans for their Higher studies which takes around almost more than a decade to repay. I’m an educator and I need to voice out these issues which often leads to new hybrid social evils.

Teens are getting tagged as “BORROWER” at such a young age when their Designation should be that of a “STUDENT”

Since majority of Central Banks are struggling to keep up with their currency value, I suggest these Banks should enroll themselves to THE BIG IVY LEAGUES and learn the marketing gimmicks they use which defies the age old idiom as “ For them the Grass is Greener ($$$) on both the sides

So to all the aspiring student flying to The USA..

What are you really signing yourself up for? American Dream or Their Worst Nightmare?

On a lighter note…The fact that Mumbai recorded 'cleanest Diwali air' in five years speaks how much broke Millennials have turned🤣

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