My Legendary Goodbye email to Microsoft

Divya Thakur
2 min readMar 30, 2021
Fist bump among teammates as a Final Gbye
Unsplash: Milan Csizmadia

As many of you may already know, the organization and I have parted ways.

I fondly look back on the 3 odd years that I spent proudly donning the ‘Microsoft jersey’.

I would describe the Microsoft culture as being internally cooperative along with taking the onus of customers’ concerns.

It is here where I escaped competition through my authenticity. My stint was more of a facilitator than a management consultant.

From figuring out if the problems were in the ‘chips or salsa’ to spending four hours debugging because I used a comma instead of a semi-colon, taking back countless learning FFP moments!

Thus a big, heartfelt thank you for the teachings, mentoring, memories, and experiences — All very precious valuable additions to my Life Resume. While I may not have always met expectations, I would certainly like to think I gave it my 110%, approached tasks with a proper attitude, and above all, was genuine.

The most valuable lessons I’m taking in my perspective are learning to take calculative risks, dealing with colorful personalities, and understanding what makes them tick, becoming comfortable in being uncomfortable, and above all finding a way to get things done come what may.

I am not certain about what the future holds but am filled with nervous- excitement at the prospect of what might be in store. I had never imagined working in Consulting let alone plying my strategies at Microsoft when I used to make those walks of shame from the university campus to my 9 am class as a Business major at the Wharton School of business.

I take back a life lesson of leading the ‘Shrimp & Weenies’ lifestyle with enough confidence and self-belief that I can add value to whatever I end up pursuing “full-time” My journey with Microsoft from 2018 to 2021 is my Elvis Year. Period.

My Three-Finger Salute to you all.

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