SHIfT Happens….

Divya Thakur
2 min readJan 22, 2022
Old couple dying laying in death bed
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She asked, “Tell me what was the best part of your school time?”

He snuggled leaned towards her replying- You freak.

Staying still cold sternly she requested,

“Don’t bother calling the doctor; I’d prefer to fall asleep peacefully with your hand in mine; let’s keep this meeting private.”

You continue, speak more- Anything. I’m recording your voice as the last sound to my brain. Don’t mess it up!

He told her about the f* up past, how he managed to get her number, their first Awkward meet, their first kiss. They didn’t cry, they smiled, having 0 regrets, just grateful. Counting blessings and many puppies.

Then she repeated softly, ‘I love you.Always.’ He returned her words by pecking a soft kiss on the forehead.

She closed her eyes forever with an implanted satisfying smile, her hand in his…..See you soon

(Whether the eyes are open or closed, I’m able to see you)

So to all fellow lazy-zens and fatigue catchers- On the occasion of the MOST POSITIVE MONTH of the year #Covid19

Everyone comes into this world with nothing but love and goes with nothing but love, love is truly all that matters.
Consider that for a moment….. Profession, bank account, and other assets are all simply tools. Everything is kept in this room. Locked.

Love those that truly care about you. As if there were nothing more essential in your life than love.

The name that is written in your heart- You’ll only confess to them.

Work, love, and rest a LOT. And remember: This too, shall pass. Much Love. Muah!

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